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Information Technology Committee (IT) Internal Procedures

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The Information Technology Committee performs the following duties: (top)

  • Provide a channel of communication among the Faculty Senate, the Faculty-at-Large, the Academic Technology Advisory Committee, and the Administration on faculty perspectives regarding information technology services and policy.
  • Be available as an advisory agency to the President of the University, to the Provost, and to the Strategic Planning Council on information technology matters.
  • Make recommendations to the Senate on matters including, but not limited to, information technology practices in the university environment.
  • Conduct voting at the monthly meetings of the Faculty Senate.

The committee should work to complete the charges of the committee as received from the Senate Chair in addition to addressing matters brought to the committee by constituents and other stakeholders.

Detailed Schedule of Weekly Duties (top)

1st Week of Each Month (top)

  • IT Committee Meeting (Friday before the Monday Faculty Senate meeting each month)
  • Faculty Senate Meeting (1st Monday of Month–3:30 PM)

2nd Week of Each Month (top)

  • Submit the previous month’s meeting notes/minutes that were approved at the previous week’s meeting to Faculty Senate Secretary.
  • Draft meeting minutes for this month and submit to committee members for comment/feedback.
  • Identify and send questions from the IT Committee meeting for the Executive Committee representative to bring to the Executive Committee.

3rd Week of Each Month (top)

  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting is held.

4th Week of Each Month (top)

  • Prepare and distribute the meeting Agenda for the next week’s IT Committee
  • Develop the Overview Report (the written report) that the IT Committee will orally present to the Senate during the next month’s meeting.
    • Submit this report to the Senate Secretary by end of day on the Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting (possible second mailing late Friday evening).

The following is a suggested timeline:

In August (top)

Elect committee chair/co-chairs and secretary and inform the Faculty Senate Chair and Secretary.  Set monthly meeting, day, time, and venue for Fall and Spring and inform the Faculty Senate Chair and Secretary for posting to the Faculty Senate webpage.

In September (top)

Receive charges from Faculty Senate Chair (from Chair’s report or from Executive Committee’s liaison to the IT Committee). Then monthly accept additional charges as distributed.

In February (top)

Begin revisions and development of the Faculty Information Technology Survey. In coordination with EKU Information Technology and the Office of Institutional Research, the Information Technology Committee shall annually distribute a survey to all EKU faculty that allows faculty to provide their perspectives regarding information technology.

In March (top)

Distribute Faculty Information Technology Survey via the Office of Institutional Research.

In April (top)

Present findings on Information Technology Survey to Faculty Senate.

Before the regular meeting in May (top)

The committee chair should prepare a year-end report to present at the regular May Faculty Senate meeting. The report should include a summary of the committee’s progress on assigned charges as well as recommendations for charges for the next year’s committee. When completed, forward report to the Senate Secretary for inclusion with the Senate agenda when distributed.

updated 03-06-23

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