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Minutes for April 4, 2016

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, April 4, 2016 in the South Ballroom in the Keen Johnson Building. Senator Day called the seventh meeting of the academic year to order at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The following members were absent:

M. Benson* K. Gray-Denson K. Hale*
D. Mohallatee E. Morrett T. Reed
D. Robinson*^ J. Vice*  

Indicates prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary
^ SUB Michael Nicholaus attended for D. Robinson


Senator Day announced that the president and provost will not be at the meeting today. President Benson is in Houston serving in his role as chair of the NCAA Honors Committee, and Provost Vice is in Louisville meeting with the other provosts in the state. Both submitted written reports to the Senate.


The March 7, 2016 minutes were approved as written.


With the ongoing budget discussions in Frankfort, Senator Benson shared a memo which was distributed to faculty and staff on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

Below are campus highlights for March:

  • On Saturday night, February 27, former Student Regent and now faculty member David “Doc” Fifer and four of his emergency medical care students volunteered their services at an accident on an interstate highway near Charleston, West Virginia. Thanks to their quick action, the driver is expected to make a full recovery
  • EKU’s Mock Trial Team is one of only 48 teams to qualify for national championships and the only squad from a regional comprehensive institution.
  • EKU’s online academic programs have garnered much praise recently.
    • Phillip Wenturine, a student in the online MFA program in Creative Writing, was recently awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship.
    • Makaella Vailu’u, a senior with a double major in American Sign Language and Interpreter Education, has been selected to be the first-ever interpreting intern at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
  • The Princeton Review recently ranked EKU’s Game Design Program in the Department of Computer Science as No. 50 in the world after conducting a survey of 150 institutions offering game design coursework and/or degrees.
  • The Computer Forensics and Security concentration in the Department of Computer Science recently became one of the first two undergraduate digital forensics programs in the U.S. to earn national accreditation.
  • The 2016-18 Foundation Professor is Dr. Shirley O’Brien, a professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy.
  • This past month was memorable as EKU marches ahead with a public-private partnership that will enable the building of two new residence halls, a parking garage, as well as other improvements.

Below are several upcoming April events:

  • Over the last 36 seasons, EKU cross country and track and field coach Rick Erdmann has transformed those programs into national powerhouses. On Tuesday, April 5, the University will honor those contributions with a special recognition ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on the concourse level of Alumni Coliseum. 
  • Grand opening ceremonies for the new Student Success Center in the basement of Crabbe Library are planned for Thursday, April 7, at 11 a.m. 
  • On Thursday, April 7, Douglas Brinkley, one of America’s foremost presidential and cultural historians, will deliver a Chautauqua lecture at 7:30 p.m. in O’Donnell Hall of the Whitlock Building. 
  • April 11-15 will be our annual Scholarship Week.
  • On Wednesday, April 13, there will be a university-wide memorial ceremony, where we honor the lives and memories of current and retired faculty and staff as well as current students who passed away in the past year. The ceremony will begin at 4 p.m. in Walnut Hall of the Keen Johnson Building. 
  • EKU graduate Jeff Newton will be a guest speaker at 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 13 in the Grand Reading Room of Crabbe Library. 
  • The annual Empty Bowls event will be on Friday, April 15 at First Baptist Church on the Eastern By-Pass. Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and dinner from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., with all proceeds going to feed the hungry in Madison County. 
  • The University will host an Idea Festival April 21-22 at the Center for the Arts. The event, planned and facilitated by the Bluegrass Higher Education Consortium, will be headlined by two prominent keynote speakers: Jad Abumrad of NPR’s Radio Lab and author Rich DeMillo, noted for his work on the transformation in higher education. 


Nominations for Senate Chair. Senator O’Brien was nominated for Senate Chair. Election will be at the organizational meeting in May.

Nominations for Senate Vice Chair. Senators Givens and G. Hunter were nominated for vice-chair. Election will be at the organizational meeting in May.

Leadership Transition. As Senator Day has been elected to serve as Faculty Regent, he submitted his letter of resignation as Senate Chair effective today. Senator O’Brien will serve as chair for the remainder of the year.

Senator O’Brien presented Senator Day with an engraved gavel as a token of appreciation for his service as Senate chair for the past two years.


LMS Evaluation Update. Dean Betina Gardner gave a brief update on the LMS evaluation process.

Blackboard presentations were held on March 24-25. Please encourage faculty to go to the LMS Review website to review the demos and complete the evaluation forms.

On April 28-29, presentations will be held on campus for Desire to Learn’s Brightspace.


Policy 4.6.13 – Adjunct Faculty. As a point of information, Senator O’Brien stated that Policy 4.6.13 was formerly titled “Part-Time Faculty Appointments”.

Senator Elliott moved approval of Policy 4.6.13, seconded by Senator Irvin.

Senator S. Hunter suggested a friendly amendment on page 1, in the policy statement, in the first sentence to change it from “supervise practicums or field experiences” to: “supervise practicums, clinicals or field experiences”. Senator O’Brien noted that as this is an editorial change a motion is not required.

Motion to approve Policy 4.6.13 carried.

Policy 4.6.2 – Affiliated Adjunct Faculty. As a point of information Senator O’Brien stated that Policy 4.6.2 was formerly titled “Adjunct Faculty”.

Senator Elliott moved approval of Policy 4.6.2, seconded by Senator S. Hunter. Motion carried.

Policy 4.6.14 – Evaluation of Adjunct Faculty. Senator Elliott moved approval of Policy 4.6.14, seconded by Senator Corley.

On behalf of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee, Senator Whalen moved to amend Policy 4.6.14 as follows:

Add the following sentence to the third paragraph of the Procedures Section on Page 1:

The adjunct faculty member may submit a written response regarding the feedback to the Department Chair/Unit Head within five (5) calendar days of receipt of the feedback, with a copy to the evaluator, if different from the Department Chair/Unit Head.

Motion to amend carried.

The main motion, as amended, carried.

NEW BUSINESS: (continued)

Policy 8.3.4 – Response to Bullying or Harmful Conduct. Senator O’Brien introduced Policy 8.3.4 for first read only today and announced it will return in May for action.

Information Technology Committee Motion. Senator O’Brien introduced the IT Committee motion as a first read only today and announced it will return in May for action.

Rules Committee Motion 1. Senator Neugebauer introduced the Rules Committee Motion 1 as information only today and noted that it will return in May for action.

Rules Committee Motion 2. Senator Neugebauer introduced the Rules Committee Motion 2 as information only today and noted that it will return in May for action.

Report from Council on Academic Affairs - Vice Provost Robinson presented for Senator Vice 

New Programs - Certificates

College of Business and Technology
Department of Management, Marketing and International Business

  1. Global Supply Chain Management Certificate, Departmental
  2. Sales Certificate, Departmental

Program Suspensions

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences

  1. Environmental Studies B.S.

College of Education
Department of Special Education

  1. Early Childhood Special Education/Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education B.S.

College of Health Sciences
Department of Exercise and Sport Science

  1. Athletic Training B.S.

Program Revisions

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Chemistry

  1. Chemistry B.A. and M.S. 3+2 Dual Degree Program - remove BIO 100 in the Supporting Course requirements for Chemistry Teaching.
  2. Chemistry B.S. and M.S. 3+2 Dual Degree Program - revise course requirements for the core 800-level requirements as well as be more specific for the requirements of the coursework track option.
  3. Forensic Science/Chemistry B.S. and M.S. 3+2 Dual Degree Program - Changes to the Master of Science Chemistry Program need to be reflected in all 3+2 programs in the department. A change in the 800 course requirements will allow students to participate in the chemistry practicum course (CHE 811) to a greater extent.
  4. Chemistry M.S. - Change the course requirements for the core 800 level requirements as well as be more specific for the requirements of the coursework track option.

Department of Computer Science

  1. Applied Computing M.S. - Revise program to allow CSC 741, CSC 742, and CSC 839 as electives.

Department of Economics

  1. Globalization and International Affairs B.A. - update course requirements in the program based on HIS course renumbering in 2015.

Department of English and Theatre

  1. English/Teaching B.A. - update course requirements in the English/Teaching program and in the English/Teaching Theatre Concentration.

Department of Music

  1. Master of Music - Add a concentration to the Master of Music degree in Pedagogy/Performance, created by existing courses.

College of Business and Technology
Department of Communication

  1. Communication Studies B.A. - Create two concentrations in the communication studies major. 1) Interpersonal Communication Concentration 2) Integrated Organizational Communication Concentration. The new concentrations will incorporate existing courses from Public Relations.
  2. Public Relations Minor - Add PUB 320 Design for Mass Media as a required course. Increase the total credit hours required to complete the minor from 18 to 21 hours.

College of Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

  1. Alternative Routes to Initial Certification - Remove EMS 850 from the program of study and revert to the original course prefix and number, EGC 830.

University Programs

  1. African/African-American Studies Minor - (a) Add existing courses to program options; (b) revise catalog language
  2. African/African-American Studies Certificate - Add existing courses to program options.
  3. Appalachian Studies Minor - Remove APP 363 & 370; Add APP 360 & 375
  4. Appalachian Studies Certificate - Remove APP 363 & 370; Add APP 360 & 375
  5. Applied Creative Thinking Minor - (a) Correct course options: MUS courses should be MUH. (MUS course prefixes were changed to MUH); (b) ENG 358 should be ENG 353. (ENG 358 does not exist.); (c) remove courses that do not substantially contribute to the programmatic learning outcomes: ENG 410, 490; FSE 200, 300; HLS 201; MUS (MUH) 171, 271, 273; (d) Add course options (courses were approved 2012—2015) CRE 201, 300, 301, 305, 350, 490; (e) add existing course, TEC 305, that aligns with program-level objectives.
  6. Asian Studies Minor - update course offerings in the program
  7. Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship Minor - (a) Add existing course GEO 110 as an option for the “Human Connections to the Physical and Natural World” content area. (b) add ENV 325 as an option in the “Tech & Eco applications” content area.
  8. International Studies Minor - (a) Revise curriculum to align with Mission and Program Objectives. Remove courses no longer offered; add courses that address objectives. (b) reduce minor to 18 credits
  9. Veterans Studies Minor - (a) Remove courses no longer offered or not aligned with program objectives; (b) Remove dimensions; (c) Remove capstone requirement
  10. Veterans Studies Certificate - (a) Remove courses no longer offered or not aligned with program objectives; (b) Remove dimensions; (c) Remove capstone requirement; (d) remove misplaced language about Military Studies Concentration in AGS.
  11. Women and Gender Studies Minor - Add WGS 366, existing course cross listed with ENG 366; Add WGS 311, new course cross listed with existing BIO 305 course; Remove courses from Minor that are no longer taught and/or no longer exist in the catalog.
  12. Women and Gender Studies Certificate - Add WGS 366, existing course cross listed with ENG 366; Add WGS 311, new course cross listed with existing BIO 305 course; Remove courses that are no longer taught and/or no longer exist in the catalog.

Policy and Processes Action Items

The following items were reviewed by the Council on Academic Affairs in January and February 2016, and were approved by the Council in February. These items are being submitted to the Faculty Senate for a second review on April 4, 2016

  1. Transcript Notations:  Expulsion Language - Proposing the addition of new Catalog language regarding transcript notations for student academic standing. Specific language is being proposed to define expulsion and to clarify that expulsion would be indicated on transcripts.
  2. Degree Conferral Dates, Revisions - Add language to the Undergraduate Catalog to indicate the degree conferral date for the Winter Term. Add specific conferral date for the Summer term.

Policy and Processes Information Items

  1. EKU Protocol for Credit for Prior Learning via Portfolio

On behalf of CAA, Vice Provost Robinson moved approval of the following items:

  • Items 1-2.  Motion carried.
  • Items 3-5.  Motion carried.
  • Items 6-28.  Motion carried.
  • Item 29.  Motion carried.
  • Item 30.  Motion carried.
  • Item 31.  Motion carried.



Senator O’Brien reminded committee chairs that final reports presented in May do not constitute action. If a committee feels action is needed, please bring a motion or resolution forward for consideration.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Senator O’Brien thanked all the committees for their hard work and diligence throughout this past academic year.


This is shaping up to be a challenging term for the Board of Regents. As you know, CPE lobbied for $90 million to be added to higher education – which represented a restoration of 50% of the cuts made since 2008 –- but instead of the money there were back-to-back 9% cuts. Legal action has been threatened over whether or not the governor must send us the last $3.1 million the General Assembly had already budgeted for EKU this year. Neither the House nor the Senate included the immediate 4.5% cuts in their budget plans.

In conference committee, the House agreed to set aside $250 million for the state’s rainy day fund and another $250 million for a fund for future pension payments and were still able to remove the proposed education cuts. This represents the highest levels of reserves in recent history. And the Senate and House were within $150 million of each other when talks broke off.

In any case, it seems clear that the Board of Regents will have to face painful decisions about people and programs. If the proposed cuts become reality, it is anticipated that the Board will have to vote on proposals to eliminate some number of programs.

For that reason, Faculty Regent Day would welcome input from the faculty on what basis should such decisions be made.

REPORT FROM COSFL:  Senator Kopacz

COSFL met on March 7, 2016, at the office of the Council on Postsecondary Education in Frankfort.

Jay Morgan, VP for Academic Affairs and Student Success at CPE, spoke for nearly two hours on the “Strategic Agenda for Postsecondary and Adult Education 2016-2021” which had already been presented—and rejected—by the Governor.

The plan is filled with high-sounding slogans, abstractions, and generalities. The plan has 11 Objectives divided into areas entitled Opportunity, Success, and Impact. However, the objective that should be most important, “Promoting Academic Excellence through improvements in teaching and learning” doesn’t appear until number 8!

He advised all programs to show how they lead directly to jobs. The governor wants to see a direct link between workforce demand and the major, and this will be a measure in performance funding. Further, he advised us to track job placement in our graduates. In addition to immediate job placement, he suggested a 5-year follow-up, then an 8-year follow-up. He agreed that this emphasis on immediate job placement might be short-sighted, given research that suggests today’s students will probably change careers 5-7 times in their working lives and move to jobs that have not even been created yet. However, he insisted on our need with this governor to track the jobs our majors move into immediately after graduation; he suggested the regionals look to workforce needs in our particular region and focus on the degrees that meet those regional needs. He noted that KCTCS has responded well to different regional needs.

All disciplines should become more interdisciplinary, he asserted. Examples he gave are that STEM fields should include courses in ethics; nursing students should take more than 4 semesters of a foreign language; art majors should infuse computer science in their degrees; social workers should take courses in agriculture. Advisers should ask the student what job they are preparing for. He says our students should do more internships, more undergraduate research, and more study abroad.

Then he moved to what he called “high-level topics”: the Governor’s push for 100% performance funding; the warning that “financial exigency” is determined by each school’s Board of Regents, not CPE; a bill proposing that state regulations for other institutions coming into the state and offering courses be eliminated; and that we advocate properly to the legislature for funds for higher ed.

All in all, he seemed out-of-touch with the kind of students at EKU – disconnected from our students’ socio-economic backgrounds, which require so many to work too many hours at minimum wage jobs, and mistaken as well about their academic needs.

After Morgan left, COSFL representatives shared briefly what was going on at their campuses – primarily concerning the 4.5% cut.

All in all, there is a sense of malaise among the public 4-year Kentucky institutions of higher education. We are certainly not alone, and on the whole we are doing better than some of the others. 


In conjunction with Scholarship Week and Dr. Peggy Maki’s workshop on real-time student assessment, 12 programs will display best practices in an “Assurance of Learning Showcase” poster session on April 11, 2016. The Showcase will open at 11:30 a.m. in the O’Donnell Auditorium foyer.

EKU programs were recently recognized by U.S. News and World Report. Eastern Kentucky University’s Online graduate nursing program was ranked 18 among online nursing degrees for 2016. EKU’s Occupational Therapy program ranked 37 on the Best Grad Schools list for OT graduate programs. Congratulations to both programs for this recognition of excellence.

Recently, EKU’s Computer Forensics and Security concentration became one of the first two undergraduate digital forensic programs in the U.S. to earn national accreditation with the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). The five-year accreditation demonstrates that EKU’s Computer Forensics and Security program has met FEPAC’s high standards for educating and training students with critical knowledge and skills to produce graduates who are ready to enter the career field. 2.

In accordance with the new policy for the Annual Evaluation of Academic Administrators (4.8.1P), which was approved by the Board of Regents in October, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility for evaluating academic administrators annually, although that process has begun late in this first year of implementation. The following academic administrators will be evaluated for 2015/16: 

Years One & Two
Dr. David Coleman, Director, Honors Program
Interim Dean Laurence Hayes, COE
Dean Victor Kappeler, CJS
Dr. Sherry Robinson, Vice Provost
Dr. Tanlee Wasson, AVP for Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Dean Tom Erekson, CBT
Year Three (Comprehensive)
Ms. Tina Davis, Registrar
Dean Betina Gardner, Libraries
Mr. Tim Matthews, Executive Director, e-Campus
Dean Jerry Pogatshnik, Graduate School & AVP for Research
Dean John Wade, CAS
Dean Deborah Whitehouse, CHS
Ms. Kathy Williams, Director, Academic Readiness & Testing
Dean Sara Zeigler, University Programs

EKU is reforming the developmental education model. As part of that initiative, the Council on Academic affairs approved MAT 110, Introduction to Algebraic Functions, to replace MAT 098. This course offers a broad general mathematics background and allows students to satisfy the general education math requirement while still preparing them for MAT 112 or MAT 114. When the new course is listed in the online schedule book, the Registrar’s Office will replace existing MAT 098 sections, recreating them as MAT 110. It is planned that this process will be completed before students begin to register for fall classes. Note: Programs with a requirement of “MAT 105 or higher” may want to re-evaluate their program’s math requirement in consideration of this course replacement.

Below are several upcoming events:

  1. April 11-15 – Scholarship Week
    The full schedule is available at
  2. Monday, April 11 – Dr. Peggy Maki, O'Donnell Auditorium, Whitlock Building
    Dr. Peggy Maki will present ways to assess 21st Century students in her workshop “Real-time Student Assessment: Assuring Students’ Equitable Achievement of High-Quality Program and Degree Outcomes”. Faculty will have two opportunities to attend this workshop on Monday, April 11 in the O’Donnell Auditorium, Whitlock Building. The morning session will begin at 9:30 a.m. and will be repeated at 1:30 p.m. Pre-register at
  3. Monday, April 11, 11:30 a.m. – Assurance of Learning Showcase, O'Donnell Auditorium foyer, Whitlock Building.
  4. Friday, May 20 – 2016 Pedagogicon, Third Annual
    The 2016 Pedagogicon, hosted by the Noel Studio and the Teaching and Learning Center and sponsored by the CPE, is an intensive one-day conference focused on teaching and learning. The conference theme is “Exploring High-Impact Educational Practices Using Scholarly and Creative Teaching.” For more information, go to
  5. Monday, September 12, 2016 – EKU's SACS-COC Compliance Report is due
  6. Friday, September 30, 2016 – Assurance of Learning Day
  7. Monday, October 17, 2016 – Annual Institutional Effectiveness Reports, Due Date
  8. February 21-23, 2017 - SACS-COC On-Site Accreditation Visit.


Academic Quality Committee. Senator Howell reported that the committee has concluded their investigations on stand-alone, online courses and will present a report on their findings in May.

Budget Committee. Senator Fitch reported that the committee continues to work on the feedback received from faculty on ways to save money on campus. A report based on the feedback received will be presented at the May meeting.

Elections & University Nominations Committee. Senator Irvin announced that the committee has successfully concluded the Faculty Regent election. The committee plans to review the policies and procedures for the Faculty Regent election process to make sure all information is accurate so that the next election in 2019 runs smoothly.

The committee is currently working with department chairs on replacements for outgoing senators. Senator Irvin reminded that elections will be held at the organizational meeting in May to fill committee vacancies for next year.

In addition the committee continues to review the process for filling faculty vacancies on university committees and may have recommendations for changing that process soon.

Information Technology Committee. Senator Smith announced that the data from the faculty survey on information technology has been analyzed and a full report will be presented at the May meeting. The survey was sent to all faculty and 234 responses were received.

The IT Committee has been attending the LMS demonstrations and providing feedback to the LMS review team.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee. Senator Mason moved that the Senate adopt the Resolution for adoption of a part-time faculty and staff ombud at EKU. Motion carried.

Rules Committee. Senator Neugebauer announced that tomorrow a survey on attendance at fall convocation will be distributed to all faculty. Please encourage colleagues to complete the survey.

Faculty Welfare Committee.  Senator Spigelman stated that Institutional Research plans to use existing data to create an analysis on summer school pay rather than developing another survey. Once that information is available, the committee will write a final report for the May meeting.


Athletics and Academics. Senator Carpenter reported that the committee continues to meet bi-weekly. A draft of the final report will be shared at the next Executive Committee meeting and will be presented to the Senate in May.

Senate Transparency. Senator Givens introduced three motions for information only today to revise the Senate Rules of Order, Special Rules and Standing Rules. The motions are proposed in order to bring procedures into compliance with the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws of Kentucky. The motions will be on the May agenda for action. If approved, the changes would be effective as of the fall semester.

In addition, Senator Givens shared a sample checklist as a guide for committees to follow when setting meetings and maintaining records.

The committee also made the following recommendations:

  1. Purchase clickers as a way to keep track of individual votes on motions
  2. Have a designated space for Senate (or at least designating the Keen Johnson Lobby for posting of Senate notices)
  3. Have an easier system for scheduling space on campus.

University Parking Advisory Committee. Senator Howell reported that after the closing of the Martin lot for the demolition of Martin Hall, there was a lot of concern about how parking was going to be affected. An impromptu parking study of the faculty lots was done on February 22-25 and the chart produced seems to indicate that parking spaces are available.

Parking Services is working with the SGA to improve the shuttle service on campus. Likewise, they are working to improve biking and handicap accessibility on campus.

There is a glitch in the software program for the traffic light at the intersection of the Adams House parking lot. The city is aware of the problem and is trying to fix it.

Federal grant money has been received to make improvements to The Colonel Path which connects EKU to downtown Richmond. Expected completion date is 2017.

A new one-day parking pass is available for guests, and it can be issued without providing car data. However, be aware that at some point in the future the Parking Office may consider charging a fee for guest parking for conferences and other events on campus.

The EKU Police are moving to classify hover boards in the same category as skateboards, roller-skates and roller blades which have already been banned from campus. They hope to include this in the student handbook next year.


Senator Zeigler moved to adjourn at approximately 5pm.

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