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Minutes for October 5, 2015

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, October 5, 2015 in the Perkins Building. Senator Day called the second meeting of the academic year to order at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The following members were absent:

R. Brubaker B. Dyer* I. El-Amouri
E. Eliassen*^ C. Elliott* G. Fair*^
L. Higgins M. Irvin E. Morett
D. Robinson C. Sommer* S. Szabo

Indicates prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary
^ ALT Nathan Stokes attended for E. Eliassen
^ SUB Ralph Turner attended for G. Fair


The September 14 minutes were approved as written.


Senator Benson reported on the bathroom graffiti incident. He reminded that our primary responsibility is to ensure a safe, learning environment for students, and one in which faculty can teach and staff can serve. As was noted in the campus-wide note distributed earlier, classes will continue as scheduled. If students choose to not come to campus during this time, it is their responsibility to notify their instructors and to make up any missed classwork. If new information or new intelligence is received on the situation, the current policy will be amended.

Senator Benson commended the Department of Communication for their work on the documentary on the history of EKU. The department partnered with KET on the project and Nick Clooney served as narrator. The premiere will be on Monday, November 9 at 7:30pm at the Center for the Arts with a reception held prior to the showing.

EKU is hosting the last gubernatorial debate on October 25 at the Center for the Arts. The event is open to the public, but it is a ticketed event.

Senator Benson has received several messages from faculty and staff expressing their appreciation for the salary increase. The increase signifies over a $10 million investment over the last eighteen months into people at EKU both in terms of across the board increases and in the IPEP program. There will be continued refinement on IPEP to make sure that the right criteria are used to compare salaries and positions here on campus.

Senator Benson had another Fireside Chat today with randomly selected faculty. No topic is off limits at the Fireside Chats and feedback received is shared with members of the President’s Council. Today’s discussion centered on the aging infrastructure and the deferred maintenance issues on campus.

Senator Benson shared the following is his written report to Senate.

  • College of Education Peer Mentoring Program
    In the College of Education, every freshman has an upperclassman peer mentor. By all indications, the program is achieving the desired results, with freshman-to-sophomore retention rates on the rise.
  • Bluegrass Academic Leadership Academy
    Seven faculty members recently completed the second annual Bluegrass Academic Leadership Academy. Ryan Baggett, Lisa Day, Kellie Ellis, Eric Fuchs, Gill Hunter, Evelyn Parrish and Jennifer Wies are among 48 Fellows from 12 colleges and universities throughout central Kentucky.
  • Student Project Aimed at Enhancing Economic Expansion in Madison County
    Many of our students make significant contributions to the Richmond community and communities throughout the region through various projects.

    One recent example comes from the Global Supply Chain Management program in the School of Business, where two seniors worked with faculty to design a Madison County Supply Chain Assessment Survey aimed at assisting local manufacturers and facilitating economic expansion in the county.
  • Senior Participates in Cystic Fibrosis Research Program to Help Nephew
    Senior Molly Bates, a biology and pre-medical sciences major from Pikeville, who was one of only two students nationwide selected by the Elizabeth Nash Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis Research to participate in a prestigious research program this past summer in Oakland, California.

    The object of Molly’s passion is her four-year-old nephew, Liam, who has cystic fibrosis. In fact, it was Liam’s diagnosis that led Molly to pursue a career as a physician and gave her the desire to combat the disease more directly, to tackle the cause of CF and join others at the forefront of CF research.
  • New Wheel Helps Senior Pursue Passion for Pottery
    Another heartwarming story comes from the Department of Art and Design, where a new pottery wheel is helping a wheelchair-bound senior pursue her passion.

    Foundation Professor Joe Molinaro approached a leading pottery wheel manufacturer to design a special wheel just for Perritt’s use. (The company donated the wheel so EKU could serve as a test site before it’s introduced to the general market.)


Policy 4.6.7 – Post Tenure Review. Senator O’Brien moved approval of Policy 4.6.7, seconded by Senator Turner.  Motion carried.

Policy 1.1.1 – Policy on Policies. Senator Hale moved approval of Policy 1.1.1, seconded by Senator Mohallatee.

Senator Whalen moved to amend the following, seconded by Senator Fitch.

Revise the wording on page 6, in the “Archiving A Policy” section to add “in the University Archives” at the end of the first sentence (noted below).

“If a policy is updated, revised, superseded, or repealed, the Office of the Vice Provost will archive the older version of the policy in the University Archives. These archived policies will be made available upon request.”

Motion to amend carried.

The main motion, as amended, carried.

Policy 11.3.1 – Records Management. Senator Pianalto moved to approve Policy 11.3.1, seconded by Senator Fredrickson.  Motion carried.


Posthumous Degree for Miranda Francis Greer. Senator Day stated that the College of Justice and Safety moved approval to award a posthumous degree for Miranda Francis Greer, Occupational Safety major, seconded by Senator Gray-Denson. Motion carried.

Report from Council on Academic Affairs - Senator Vice

College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of General Studies

  1. B.S. in Psychology 
    Add a new Concentration in Psychiatric Rehabilitation to the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program.

College of Business and Technology
Department of Applied Engineering and Technology

  1. A.A.S. in Technology
    Change MAT 107 to 112 under General Education.
    Change MAT 108 to 120 under Major Requirements for Concentrations.
    Expand selection of General Education courses.
    Drop and/or revise concentrations, including renaming the Quality Assurance concentration to Applied Engineering concentration.
    Revise Computer Electronics concentration.
    Drop the Digital Imaging Design concentration.

On behalf of CAA, Senator Vice moved approval of items 1-2.  Motion carried.



The Executive Committee has been extra busy lately looking primarily at two issues. First, the committee met with available committee chairs and members to reestablish the fundamental purposes of each standing committee and to review and refine committees’ charges for the current year.

Also, the committee is trying to get a better handle on the number of faculty presently serving on university committees. There are approximately 258 faculty serving on 45 university committees. The committee will continue to work with President Benson to refine our relationship with certain university committees.

Last week, along with Senators Thieme, Vice, Kopacz, and Givens (and a handful of other EKU faculty) Senator Day attended the Governor’s Conference on Postsecondary Education Trusteeship in Lexington. Council on Postsecondary Education President Bob King outlined CPE’s effort to lobby the legislature for a reinvestment in higher education in Kentucky – something in which we all have a vested interest; both for salary increases and job security. Senator Day shared several charts which were presented at the conference.

CPE hopes to recruit students, faculty, administrators, and even vendors, who will commit to make a phone call, set a meeting, and visit their legislators this fall with a consistent message: Restore half of the Higher Ed cuts since 1998...$90 million.<

CPE will argue that supporting higher education will not only help the state’s economy, but it will produce higher rates of civic participation, lower crime and incarceration rates, will also produce more citizens with better health, fitness and nutrition, and higher levels of parental engagement. 

The next meeting of COSFL will be a joint meeting with AAUP at the CPE in Frankfort on February 12, 2016.


The next Board meeting will be on Monday, October 19 in Room 549, Whitlock Building.


COSFL met on Monday, September 28 in Lexington with representatives from EKU, Kentucky State and Murray State.

A number of issues were discussed at the core meeting:

  1. CPE’s Strategic Plan includes only slight mention of faculty.
  2. Creation of new colleges within universities adds additional administrative positions and bureaucracy.
  3. Diversity is an issue for CPE in western Kentucky due to the difficulty of keeping minority faculty without social support or a critical mass in the community.
  4. The need for greater equity in the way universities are allowed to establish tuition rates – between flagship schools and the comprehensive regionals, for example.
  5. The importance of faculty stability as being in the students’ best interest, especially important for letters of recommendation and for mentoring. But there is increasing instability of faculty – due to increasing numbers of part-time faculty, loss of full-time faculty due to decreased funding over the years, salary issues, compression, etc.
  6. Concern that university money is going to the administrative side instead of the instructional side. That is, concern that state dollars are not going directly to student learning and instruction.
  7. Loss of funding for faculty support (Blackboard and other technical assistance, lack of administrative assistants, lack of student workers, and even custodial help).
  8. Increasingly being told that state funding must be tied to numbers and that levels of funding depend on faculty inasmuch as they are tied to “performance measures” -- improving student retention, recruitment, graduation rates (degree production); the bottom line is that faculty are asked to improve these numbers with less support, financial and otherwise.
  9. Concern that shared governance is being side-stepped by the failure to have adequate representation of faculty on University committees.

Late morning, COSFL met with Robert King, President of the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). The CPE has authority in only two areas: setting tuition rates and program review. Since the single biggest driver of tuition is state support, King shared his dream of building a massive advocacy group for increased funding for higher education.

King reported the results of a public opinion survey on higher education in Kentucky and also that he engaged researchers at U.K. to determine the economic consequences to the state if Kentucky increases education levels by 1%, by 2%, etc. (Higher levels of education produce lower incarceration rates, less demand for Medicaid, etc.)

The main reason King met with COSFL was to ask COSFL to mobilize faculty to advocate with their legislators for higher education. CPE is requesting that HALF of the cuts to higher education since 2008 be restored. In the first year, CPE is requesting from the state up-front, lump-sum restoration. In subsequent years, restoration funding will be tied to performance standards.

The next meeting of COSFL will be a joint meeting with AAUP at the CPE in Frankfort on February 12, 2016.


Thanks to all department chairs and faculty for taking advantage of the Assurance of Day.

Thanks to the faculty who submitted fourth-week progress reports for their students. Special thanks to the following departments that reported at least 90 percent or more of all their undergraduate Course Reference Numbers (CRNs):

Department Percent of CRNs Reported *
Recreation & Park Administration 100
Economics 100
Safety and Security 98
Applied Engineering & Technology Mgt. 97
Honors Program 95
School of Justice Studies 94
Geosciences 91
Management, Marketing, & International Business 91
English & Theatre 90
* The numbers listed exclude those sections/instructors exempt from reporting, e.g. co-ops, practicums, internships, clinical experiences, independent study. Thus, the percentage of compliance is a relative calculation and incorporates counts of only those required to submit a Progress Report.
College with highest percent reporting Percent of CRNs Reported
College of Justice and Safety 96

Progress reports can be accessed via EKU Direct by students, advisors, and First-Year Course instructors. In total, 3,071 students received at least one Unsatisfactory Progress report, while 9,634 received a satisfactory report. Tutoring services received 1,188 referrals from instructors, including 342 Mathematics and 140 Psychology referrals.

Special thanks to Dr. Gene Palka, Associate Vice President for Student Success; Ms. Tina Davis, University Registrar; and Matt Schumacher for compiling the data and the complete report.

Thanks to all faculty who check/expect students’ attendance. Student Success can be enhanced by continuing to identify under-achieving students, contacting, and encouraging them to take advantage of academic support services and/or adopt remedial measures.

CPE is considering counting “Internships” as a state-wide metric for everyone. Each institution would select one metric from category of Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Service Learning, Workforce Certificates, or “something” related to advising. Each institution would then select one metric from a longer list, of which Faculty Development is one option.

Last Tuesday, the CPE approved our Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and our Masters of Science in Athletic Training. Congratulations to these programs.

Congratulations to Model Laboratory whose high school scored proficient on the state assessment test, and the middle and elementary schools scored distinguished.

Provost Vice will be unable to meet the senators for lunch this Wednesday.


Academic Quality Committee. Senator Howell reported that the committee met earlier today to review the charges.  The next meeting will be on October 21 with the Provost.

Budget Committee. Senator Miller reported that the committee met earlier today and discussed university budget issues such as IPEP Phase II and Phase III.  The committee is also reviewing graduation and convocation expenses and considering ways to reduce those costs.

In addition, the committee received a request for a one page comparison on health insurance changes.  That request has been passed along to the appropriate area but will probably not be available in time for the open enrollment period for this year.

Information Technology Committee.  Senator Smith was elected to serve as chair of the committee for the academic year.

Faculty Welfare Committee.  Senator Spigelman met with Patty Sallee in Human Resources to compare health insurance benefits from 2015 to 2016.  In 2016 there will be a 2.72% increase in health premiums which will cost approximately 76ȼ per paycheck for the standard economy plan.

Senator Spigelman shared with Ms. Sallee that in prior years the Welfare Committee served on the University Benefits Committee as voting members.  Somewhere along the way the committee involvement was reduced to an advisory role.  Ms. Sallee suggested that the Welfare Committee develop a motion requesting to have their voting rights restored.


Athletics and Academics. Senator Carpenter reported that the committee has met twice since the last Senate meeting.  Meetings are held every Wednesday at 8am in the Noel Studio Conference Room.  First, there was an overall discussion of the relationship between athletics and academics in order to get a better sense of the current conversation both on campus and nationally.  Now the committee has begun drafting directions and compiling a list of documents, data, and information that will need to be gathered over the course of the next few months.  Work will continue through the fall semester and much of the spring semester in order to present a document to the Senate by the end of spring for further consideration and commentary.

Senate Transparency.  Senator Givens reported that while the committee hasn't officially met, she is distributing materials gathered from the Attorney General.


Senator Vice moved to adjourn at approximately 4:30 p.m.

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