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Minutes for November 2, 2015

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, November 2, 2015 in the Perkins Building. Senator Day called the third meeting of the academic year to order at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The following members were absent:

R. Brubaker P. Bryden*^ B. Mahaney
N. Mason D. Miller* E. Morrett
T. Nowak* A. Thieme*  

Indicates prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary
^ ALT Julie Lasslo attended for P. Bryden


Senator S. Hunter shared a flier on the upcoming Global Cafe':  A Day in the Life of ... Men and Women in the Military which will be held on Thursday, November 12 at 3pm in O'Donnell Auditorium, Whitlock Building.


The October 5, 2015 minutes were approved as written.


Senator Benson announced that Saundra McGuire’s presentation to campus on Friday, October 30 will soon be available through Blackboard.

Senator Benson announced that there are PowerPoint templates with the slanted EKU logo available for use at

This fall the individual colleges will hold commencement ceremonies in Alumni Coliseum.  The colleges of Arts and Sciences, Health Sciences, and Business and Technology are scheduled for Friday, December 11 followed on Saturday by the colleges of Justice and Safety and Education.   In the spring, a university-wide commencement will be held on Thursday, May 12, followed the next two days with individual college celebrations in Alumni Coliseum.

Homecoming 2015 was a smashing success.  Two events in particular that week serve to remind all of us of our proud legacy here at Eastern of putting the needs of our students and their success first.

The first was a scholarship donor event on October 22 that allowed some of our scholarship recipients to meet and thank the ones who have helped them pursue their educational dreams.

Then, the 48th anniversary reunion of the EKU Gospel Ensemble reminded us again of not only the power of music to change lives for performer and listener alike, but the power of one life to make a difference.

Some of those early Ensemble members are leading an effort to help future generations of Colonels by regularly supporting a scholarship fund that bears Dr. William Berge’s name (first faculty adviser for the ensemble), as well as an Ensemble foundation.

Homecoming Weekend ended with the gubernatorial debate at the Center for the Arts.

Senator Benson shared the following campus updates.

  1. EKU Documentary
    On Monday, November 9 at 7:30pm at the Center for the Arts, a new documentary film “The Essential Eastern” will be shown. The film was produced and directed by Chad Cogdill of the Department of Communication faculty and it chronicles our 141 years as a higher education community. Admission is free.
  2. Board of Regents Meeting: Enrollment, Online programs, and Student Success
    Senator Benson distributed a handout to Faculty Senate on recent trends in enrollment management which Laurie Carter shared with the Board of Regents last Monday. Not only is the overall enrollment this fall the highest in the University history, but Dr. Carter reported that our students are graduating at a greater rate. Our four- , five- and six-year graduation rates are all up, and ahead of targets.
  3. Phi Kappa Phi
    Our campus chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is one of only 29 chapters nationwide to earn Chapter of Excellence honors, the highest commendation a chapter can receive from the organization. The award is given to chapters that excel in recognizing and promoting academic excellence and engaging the community of scholars in service to others. Dr. Rusty Carpenter serves as chapter president.
  4. Coach Roy Kidd Statue
    A fund-raising drive is underway to finance a statue of College Football Hall of Fame Coach Roy Kidd. In addition to a life-size bronze statue, an adjacent wall will feature the names of all those who played for or coached alongside Coach Kidd.
  5. New Student Success Space in the Library
    Recently there was a dedication ceremony of a newly renovated study space in Crabbe Library to the late author Charles Bracelen Flood.  


Update on Policies. Senator Day shared that at the most recent Board of Regents meeting, the Regents passed seven policies, two of which were amended: Policy 1.5.1 Financial Exigency and Policy 4.6.16 Dismissal of Faculty.

Under Policy 1.5.1, the original language that attempted to define financial exigency was reduced down to “financial exigency is as determined by the Board pursuant to KRS Chapter 164 and all applicable laws.”

Under Policy 4.6.16 Dismissal of Faculty, the definition of Financial Exigency was amended to match the amended definition in Policy 1.5.1 and the phrase “bone fide” was removed.

Senator Day reminded that the status of all policies can be found at



Senator Day shared his report in video format available from YouTube.

He presented his report in video format for two reasons. . First of all, the Senate has some new equipment available that will make it possible to make better presentations of information to the Senate.

Second, he wanted to show faculty an alternative method for addressing class schedule interruptions, whether weather-related or otherwise.

In order to create his presentation, Senator Day used an HD camera with a microphone attached, Blackboard, PowerPoint, YouTube and a piece of software called Screencast-O-Matic.


Senator Thieme shared the following in her written report to Senate.

The Board of Regents quarterly meeting was held in the Whitlock Building, Room 549. The five sub-committees of the BOR presented their business meeting reports to the Board.

The BOR heard reports from Craig Turner (chair of BOR), Katie Scott (SGA president), Richard Day (chair of Faculty Senate), Leah Banks (president of Staff Council), and President Benson.

  • Chair Turner: Two and a half years ago EKU started to enact change. The Student Success numbers indicate EKU is stronger now. 
  • Katie Scott: Reviewed the activities that Student Senate has been busy with: “LiveSafe” app should be up and running by January, 2016; Hosting several student forums to solicit feedback on issues – the first forum discussed alcohol on campus; Discussed the campuses’ involvement with the “It’s on Us” campaign; Formed a Powell RFP committee to find out what students want for the student center. 
  • Richard Day: Discussed the hard work of the faculty – 258 faculty participate in shared governance by serving on 45 university committees; Reported on the remarks the President of the CPE, Bob King, made at the Governor’s Trustee conference.
  • Leah Banks: Reported that Staff Council will be hosting a lecture series (similar format to TED Talks). Staff Council will also be partnering with the Office of Diversity to identify staff members who would be willing to volunteer to serve as diversity advocates on campus. 
  • President Benson: Thanks to the Student Success staff for hosting the Board meeting and for excellent work they have done working to increase student enrollment at EKU. He announced that the Spring Commencement ceremony for the whole campus will take place Thursday night, followed by individual college ceremonies the next two days. Brief comments made regarding the terrorist threat on campus – we won’t let a few detour us from our mission. We will remain EKU Strong. Discussed the three P’s: People: A 2.5% increase given across the board; Fireside chats with faculty are going well – gives him a chance to hear the concerns of faculty. Places: The topping-off ceremony for Phase II of the New Science Building made the cover in the Lane Report. Continuing to create places on campus where people can congregate. Programs: Affordable Colleges Online ranked EKU #1 in Kentucky.

All action items from the morning business meetings were presented to the Board and unanimously approved.

At this point, the BOR went into executive session for the purpose of KRS 61.810 C.

The next quarterly meeting of the Board is January 25, 2016.

For additional budget information go to:


Senator Vice shared the following:

  • Presentation at the University of Guadalajara
    Provost Vice represented EKU at the University of Guadalajara conference on Thursday and Friday.
  • Dr. Saundra McGuire
    Almost 1,700 students heard Saundra McGuire speak in Brock on Thursday night. A few students had to be turned away due to the fire code. There were also approximately 300 faculty who participated in the workshops on Friday.

    Here’s an email response one student sent Dr. McGuire after he heard her lecture Thursday evening.
    “Dr. McGuire, I just wanted to express my thanks for taking your time to help me better my educational experience during my time at college. The strategies that you taught me will greatly improve my ability to be more productive and be more successful. As a matter of fact, I tried your reading strategy as soon as your lecture finished and I immediately noticed a difference and I am excited to get better at it in the future. Again, I just wanted to say thank you very much for speaking at my school, and I look forward to performing better during my time here at EKU.”
  • The Honors Program
    As you may recall, last year conversations began about transiting to an Honors College. To allow for those conversations, the search for either a dean or an executive director was delayed.
    The time has come to transition to an Honors College with a Dean. For the success of Honors, it is important to give the Honors Dean a voice at the Deans’ Council as well as to provide him or her the opportunity to engage in the Deans’ collaborative decisions. Being cognizant of the concern regarding increased administrative staff, the plan is for the initial change to be in the director’s position. As the enrollment grows, this will be re-evaluated.
    The members of the Search Committee for the Dean of the Honors College will be selected and announced this week.  The Committee will include a representative from the Honors Advisory Council, the Honors faculty, Honors students, Honors alumni, and a department chair. Other faculty will be added as needed to ensure each college has a representative.  Dean Jerry Pogatshnik will chair the Search Committee.
    Thanks to Dr. David Coleman for serving as interim director of the Honors Program for two years and for being dedicated and diligent in keeping our program healthy and nationally prominent.
  • Other Important Academic Affairs' Conversations
    Tuesday, November 3 Noon-1:00 - The International Faculty Luncheon, Board of Regents, Dining Room, Powell
    Thursday, November 5 1:30-2:30 - Academic Calendar Discussion, Martin Room, Coates
    Friday, November 6 1:30-2:30 - STEM-H Workgroup, Martin Room, Coates
    Monday, November 9 All Day - CPE Inaugural Diversity Summit, KCTCS Office, Versailles
    Wednesday, November 11 Dr. Pam Petty, WKU, to visit with Deans/Associate Deans, the QEP Design Team and the Faculty Innovators regarding reading literacy.
    Thursday/Friday, November 12-13 Council of Chief Academic Officers will meet in conjunction with the CPE meeting at Gateway Community College
    Monday, November 16 2:30-3:30 - Developmental Education Workgroups report progress to the Larger group, Martin Room, Coates
    Thursday, November 19 1:30 - Council on Academic Affairs, Martin Room, Coates (discussion regarding Academic Regalia)

Join Provost Vice for lunch, Wednesday, November 4, 12-1 p.m., Fresh Food Company, Powell, if schedules permit. Sign in at either register.  Please share feedback/suggestions with Provost Vice if another time/venue would be more suitable than the monthly Wednesday luncheons in September, October, November, February, March and April.


Ms. Scott shared the following highlights:

  • The Alcohol on Campus Assessment Committee will meet twice this month.
  • The SGA forum this month will be on Friday, November 20 at 3pm. The topic is campus changes and safety. Location is yet to be determined.
  • The LiveSafe app should be available for use beginning in January, 2016.
  • Campus Safety Walk is scheduled for next Tuesday
  • Join Student Life and SAC for a cultural dinner on Tuesday, November 17 at 5pm in Powell building, Jaggers room.
  • On Friday, November 20 enjoy a free movie (Jurassic World) in O'Donnell Auditorium, Whitlock Building
  • Midnight Breakfast will be on Thursday, December 3. Bob Evans caters the event.


Academic Quality Committee. Senator Howell reported that the committee has met several times and continue to investigate their charges. A progress report will be shared before the end of the semester.

Budget Committee. Senator Fitch asked the senators to share one or two things that faculty would like to know about budgeting at EKU. Send comments to him.

Elections & University Nominations Committee.  Senator Irvin reported that the committee met on October 27 to review the procedures for the Faculty Regent election in the spring. The committee has outlined the plan with due dates for submission of candidates, voting, and announcement of the new Faculty Regent.

The committee plans to meet again in November to discuss the AAUP’s request to review the process of electing faculty members to standing University committees.

Information Technology Committee. As Chair of the Informational Technology Committee, Senator Smith attended a meeting of the University Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC). As the new CIO of Information Technology at EKU, Dean Betina Gardner wants to support teaching and learning at EKU and be accountable to faculty and students who use technology for teaching and learning.

ATAC met October 27 in a facilitated discussion to provide feedback to Dean Gardner on faculty technology experiences, both positive and negative, at EKU. Specifically, feedback was gathered on faculty experiences using technology to prepare for and teach classes and also to do research and service activities. Topics covered included educational technology, faculty laptops, and desktop support. Senator Smith will continue to attend these meetings to bring feedback and recommendations from Faculty Senate and to report back to the Senate on IT initiatives and progress.

In its October and November meetings, the Faculty Senate Informational Technology Committee refined their charges for 2015-2016 and determined a timeline of activities to address each of them. A more detailed report will be presented at the February Faculty Senate Meeting.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee.  Senator Fitch reported that the committee is processing the data received from the shared governance survey and a report should be available by December.

In addition, the committee created a motion to allow senators to serve for three full consecutive terms rather than two as it is currently written. The motion is presented for information today and will be on the December agenda for action.

The committee reviewed the part time and full time faculty report which was prepared last year. Dr. Vice’s office has offered to provide additional information, and the committee will continue to review this issue.

Discussions continue on whether or not a university ombudsperson is needed. Anyone with feedback on this issue should direct comments to the committee.

The committee has also been charged with the establishment of a permanent Faculty Grievance Committee. 

Rules Committee.  Senator Neugebauer stated that the committee met last week and discussed the charge to review and develop procedures for each one of the Senate standing committees.

Faculty Welfare Committee.  Senator Spigelman announced that the Faculty Welfare Committee has been reinstated as voting members on the University Benefits Committee.


Athletics and Academics. Senator Carpenter stated that the committee meets every Wednesday morning at 8am in the Noel Studio conference room: The committee drafted questions and provided them to Deputy Athletic Director Matthew Roan. Matthew attended the last committee meeting and addressed all of those questions. The committee is currently investigating the process and plans of universities that Matthew identified as being the most similar to EKU.

Senate Transparency.  Senator Givens stated that the committee continues to gather background material on open records.

University Parking Committee. Senator Howell shared a report on the University Parking Committee. One thing that faculty should be aware of is that in the spring when the demolition of Martin Hall begins, the Martin parking lot will be closed indefinitely, possible for good. That is a loss of 154 parking spaces. However, there will be spots designated as employee in the Lancaster parking lot. Plans are being discussed to expand that lot and move residential student parking to the back of the lot and designate specific areas up front for employees and commuter students. There will also be expanded shuttle service available which will make parking on the outer areas of campus more appealing.


Senator Vice moved to adjourn at approximately 5:15 p.m.

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