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Agenda for May 2, 2016

Call to order

Approval of Minutes
April 4, 2016 Minutes

President's Report: Senator Benson

Guest Speakers:

  • Matt Winslow - Learning Management System (LMS) Evaluation Update (Information Only)
  • Bryan Makinen - Campus Safety and Security Consultation (Information Only)

Unfinished Business:

  • Non-Academic Policy - Sherry Robinson
    • Policy 8.3.4 - Response to Bullying or Harmful Conduct (Action Item)
  • Information Technology Committee Motion (Action Item)
  • Rules Committee Motion 1 (Faculty Handbook Part 7 revision) (Action Item)
  • Rules Committee Motion 2 (Faculty Handbook Part 7, Section IX) (Action Item)
  • Transparency Committee Motion 1 (Senate Rules of Order) (Action Item)
  • Transparency Committee Motion 2 (Senate Special Rules of Order) (Action Item)
  • Transparency Committee Motion 3 (Senate Standing Rules of Order) (Action Item)

New Business:

  • Rights and Responsibilities Committee Resolution (Dismissal of Faculty at EKU)
  • Report from Council on Academic Affairs
    (See separate PDF file for the curriculum forms - 23 pages)

Report Overview & Questions:

  • Executive Committee Report: Senator O'Brien
  • Faculty Regent: Senator Day
  • COSFL Representative: Senator Kopacz
  • Provost: Senator Vice
  • Student Government Association: Katie Scott, President

Standing Committees:

  • Academic Quality Committee: Senator Howell, Chair
  • Budget Committee: Senators Fitch & Miller, Co-Chairs
  • Elections & University Nominations Committee: Senator Irvin, Chair
  • Information Technology Committee:  Senator Smith, Chair
  • Rights & Responsibilities Committee: Senators Fitch & Mason, Co-Chairs
  • Rules Committee: Senator Neugebauer, Chair
  • Welfare Committee: Senator Spigelman, Chair

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Athletics and Academics: Senator Carpenter, Chair
  • Senate Transparency: Senator Givens, Chair


The EKU Faculty Senate is a public body and citizens are welcome to attend our meetings on the second floor of the Keen Johnson Building at 3:30 p.m. Meeting dates and agenda items are available on the Faculty Senate web site at:


(click here to download agenda & attachments as a PDF file to view and print)

Information on the PDF file will include the following items:

  • Printable Agenda for May 2, 2016
  • April 4, 2016 Minutes
  • Policy 8.3.4
  • Motions for IT, Rules, and Transparency Committees
  • <p><strong><u><a href="/sites/">Click here</a></u>&nbsp;to download CAA forms</strong></p>
    <p><strong><u><a href="/sites/">Click here</a></u>&nbsp;to download CAA forms</strong></p>
    R&R Resolution (Dismissa of Faculty at EKU)
  • CAA Agenda
  • Committee Reports (if available)

Click here to download CAA forms

You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader's free plug-in installed on your computer in order to view and print a hard copy of the attachments.

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