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Minutes for May 1, 2000

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, May 1, 2000 in the South Room of the Keen Johnson Building. Senate Chair Phyllis Murray called the ninth meeting of the academic year to order at 3:30 p.m.

The following members of the Senate were absent:

Adkins Knight McKinnon
Schuster R. Thompson Chambers*
Lewis Rank Smith
Hodge McGuire Robinson

*denotes prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary

Visitors to the Senate were: Jacinta Feldman, The Eastern Progress; Susan Willis, Family & Consumer Science; Betsy Kurzinger, Art; Dory Markin, O.T.; Dorothy Mercer, Psychology; Steve Falkenberg, Psychology; Charlie Everett, Leisure Studies; Dominick Hart, A&S; Libby Wachtel, Academic Affairs; Rita Davis, Academic Affairs; David Gale, CHS


Senator McAdam made the motion to postpone the second organizational meeting of the new 2000 2001 Faculty Senate to Monday May 8, 2000 at 3:30. Senator Kilgore seconded the motion. Motion passed.


The April 3, 2000 minutes were approved without additions or corrections. The April 17, 2000 minutes are not complete yet.


The Executive Committee met on April 10 and 24. One suggestion made which could better utilize meeting time was that all of the standing reports as well as the President and Provost's reports be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee, and the information could be posted on the web with only a brief synopsis given at the Senate meeting.

Senator Murray thanked the Senate members for their support during her year as Chair.


Senator Thompson announced that the Board passed the new admission criteria.

Senator Thompson reported that the Board approved the outsourcing of the campus bookstore to Wallace Bookstore. Some of the reasons for their support included: 1) EKU staff would be hired by Wallace; 2) More services for students including on-line information; 3) Agreement to buy books back if the book was changed for a course during the semester. In addition, Wallace Bookstore has presented a proposal to redesign the bookstore. The committee was given a virtual tour of the new design.

Senator Thompson mentioned that the budget was not addressed, because President Kustra is working with Buck Consultants to get a clearer report from them.


COSFL met on April 15, 2000. Our CPE representative gave a comprehensive report on the budget which was passed by the state legislature. A question was raised concerning whether the Kentucky Virtual University (KCVU) will become a separate institution within higher education. Programs will continue to be accredited through provider institutions. In addition, it was observed that CPE views the KCVU as a brokerage agency rather than a separate institution.

The CPE Program Review process was discussed at length. It was decided that COSFL should schedule a half day meeting with the CPE staff to provide COSFL an opportunity to give their input regarding a more constructive process.

The faculty representative for CPE indicated that the issue of Benchmark Institutions may be readdressed in the near future.

Senator Falkenberg indicated that COSFL continued discussion on the evaluation of administrators which seems to vary from institution to institution. It was suggested that COSFL recommend that procedures be established for periodic evaluation of senior administrators including presidents.


Committee on Elections. The process is still ongoing to find a part-time faculty representative. It may be advisable to wait until the fall semester and then send out a mail ballot to everyone.

Committee on Committees: Senator Taylor reported that the Committee on Committees met April 20. The committee vacancies have now been filled and the final committee report was given to Senator Murray who will forward it on to the President's office.

Senator Taylor requested the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to review the attached recommended changes to the EKU Faculty Senate Internal Procedures Manual concerning the procedures of the Committee on Committees and then forward the proposal to the Rules Committee, who will the bring the motion to the Senate floor for approval. These recommended changes are necessary to reflect the changes of the reorganizations of colleges within Eastern Kentucky University and to assure effective committee action. Only one thing has changed since the last time this was submitted for action and that is that another committee was added to the standing committees, a Compensation and Benefits Committee. The committee will be composed of one member from each college, a member from the staff, a member from part-time faculty, a member from the University Insurance committee, and a member from the Human Resource Office.

Committee on the Rules. (Senator Huebner reported for Senator Chambers)
Senator Huebner made a motion to: 1) add a statement to part 7 of the faculty/staff handbook under organization of the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University that reads: "The Faculty Senate should coordinate in conjunction with the President of the University the addition or the elimination of a college or other academic unit. The President of the University shall use the Executive Committee as the vehicle in introducing the structuring of reorganization proposed to the faculty." and 2) add the following statement to part 7.3.1 that states "once a motion is acted up by the Faculty Senate, the President, acting on behalf of the administration, shall inform the Executive Committee of his disposition of the motion within three months. The motion was seconded by Senator Janssen, and opened for discussion. Senator Anderson moved to postpone discussion until the fall semester. Senator Banks suggested that Senator Huebner meet with the Executive Committee and Dr. Marsden to work out the specifics before the proposal is brought back to the Senate. The motion to postpone was passed by the Senate.

Committee on the Budget. Senator Anderson indicated that the budget committee has not concluded its business for the year, and is continuing to meet with Dr. Marsden. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday.


Faculty Club Governing Board Report. Dr. Dorie Combs reported that 1999/2000 Faculty Club Board members included: Ann Chapman, Dorie Combs, David Hufford, Betsy Kurtsinger, Joel Roitman and Margaret Willingham. The first meeting was in October and they met at least once a month. The first issue was the establishment of the Faculty Collegiality Award in memory of Klaus Heberle. A permanent plaque was ordered to be placed in the Faculty lounge as well as an individual plaque that will be presented to Dr. Heberle's wife and family.

In December, a reception was held for new faculty. Many of the new faculty were unaware that this space was available to them.

A great deal of time was spent researching the history of the Faculty Club and Lounge area. Historically, this area has been under the jurisdiction of the faculty through the Faculty Club Board. A copy of the most recent constitution was approved in 1998.

The Board met with Dr. Marsden and with his support developed a budget proposal for the 2000/2001 year. This is based on a request of $2.00 per faculty contract staff member. The Board is contracting with Aramark for a hot beverage maker. It will make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at 50¢ a cup located in the kitchen area.

We are proposing that next year, the five colleges sponsor a first Friday for faculty, either on a Friday afternoon or as an evening reception. Each college will pick a weekend and have a reception for faculty to encourage socializing among faculty. We have representatives from each college who are to begin working on this. Because the faculty lounge is a private club, the Board has received notice from Dr. Marsden that beer and wine may be served legally in the lounge. We have spent time discussing this possibility including drafting possible policies and procedures to accommodate it, but realize that this change in policy should be carefully reviewed and discussed. Therefore we are going to recommend that this continue to be studied and discussed in more detail next year.

Another concern is the allocation of faculty lounge space for the use of the Teaching and Learning Center. The Teaching & Learning Center planning committee submitted its report and recommendations to Dr. Rita Davis, then acting Vice President for Academic Affairs in May of last year. This report recommends the allocations of the men's and ladies' parlor for computer and media consultation. Specifically, the men's parlor is requested as "space for four computer stations." The women's parlor is requested as"flexible space for individual consultation with the center staff or other consultants." The Faculty Club Board supports the Teaching & Learning Center and believes that these two programs can and should co-exist and even support each other. The Faculty Club Board also supports the placement of network computer stations in the men's parlor and consider this as an opportunity for faculty and staff to work individually or in collaboration with others in a quiet, comfortable space. We are, however, going to reconsider the request for the ladies' parlor.

There is major confusion over management and jurisdiction of the Faculty Lounge and its adjoining rooms. Therefore, we are requesting that the Faculty Senate indicate who is responsible for scheduling, allocating and developing procedures for the use of the Faculty Lounge and its adjoining rooms. This is not a motion, we are simply asking guidance.

Senator Murray entertained a motion that an Ad hoc Committee be established to assist the Faculty Governing Board with these issues. Senator Janssen moved. Motion seconded and passed.

Committee on Tuition Waiver for Faculty Dependents. Senator Kilgore reported that the committee surveyed all the institutes in Kentucky to see how each institution handled tuition waivers. The committee is in the process of working on a proposal to bring before the Senate at the September meeting.

Committee on College Credit for Work Sub Experience: Senator Collins reported that a proposal will be brought back to the Faculty Senate.

Committee on Faculty Workload. Senator O'Connor commented that it is hoped to have a finalized report in due course.

Committee on Domestic Partner Benefits. Senator Goodwin indicated that the two motions included in the packet are the result of an extensive virtual committee meeting. A copy of the preliminary report is at the Reserve Desk in the Library.

Senator Murray reported that this motion will be forwarded to the agenda in September, and the new senators will be reminded on Monday that this is something that is on their agenda.

Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Faculty Positions. Senator Murray announced that the Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Faculty Positions was an action taken on March 6 and those members will be Joy Anderson, Steven Black, Keith Johnson, Karen Spears, Marta Stripling. Karen Spears will call the first meeting for the purpose of selecting a chair and scheduling future meetings.


Faculty Senate Secretary. Senator Murray reported that Senator Carey had to decline the nomination for Faculty Senate Secretary. Senator Murray nominated JoAnna Dickey. As there were no other nominations, Joanna Dickey's name will be presented at the organizational meeting of the new Faculty Senate for a vote.

Policy for Hiring a Department Chair. A motion was made for the Faculty Senate to recommend as a new policy that the University support as an option but not a requirement to hire as tenured faculty an outside candidate for the position as department chair. The motion was seconded by Senator Janssen.

A motion was made and passed to extend the time and to suspend the rules. The motion was seconded, and passed.

Senator Murray called for a vote on the original motion. The motion passed.

Post Tenure Review Process. Senator Schlomann moved to postpone discussion until the September meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.


Senator Murray stated that the Council on Academic Affairs material will be postponed until the next meeting.


Senator Murray announced that the video tape of the third candidate for the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center will be aired tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Kennamer Room.

Senator Murray thanked Dr. Miller for serving as Parliamentarian and Faculty Senate Secretary.


Senator Banks made the motion to adjourn at 5:45 p.m.

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