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Minutes for May 8, 2000 (Organizational Meeting)

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, May 8, 2000 in the South Room of the Keen Johnson Building. Senator Murray called the tenth meeting of the academic year to order at 3:30 p.m.

The following members of the Senate were absent:

M. Baxter S. Black J. Brown
M. Chambers L. Collins K. Dilka
R. Freed J. Harley M. Hodge
M. Lifland B. Maclaren J. Moreton
J. Rainey T. Reed G. Schuster

*denotes prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary

Visitors to the Senate were: Karen Sue Cain, MSCS; Linda Turner, CHS; Nancy Kenner, CHS; Libby Wachtel, Academic Affairs-Planning and Programming Coordination; Kathryn Polmanteer, Special Education; Shirley O'Brien, Occupational Therapy; Don Beal, Psychology



Nominees: Senator John Flanagan and Senator John Taylor

Each of the candidates briefly addressed the Senate prior to the vote.

The vote:

  • Senator John Taylor - 33
  • Senator John Flanagan - 13

Chair Taylor expressed appreciation for Senator Murray's service as Senate chair.

Senate Secretary

There were no nominations for this position. Chair Taylor said that he would actively recruit a person to serve.

Executive Committee (four seats)

Nominations: Senator Alan Banks, Senator Virginia Falkenberg, Senator John Flanagan, Senator Pamela Schlomann, and Senator Marta Miranda

The vote:

  • Senator Alan Banks - 41
  • Senator Virginia Falkenberg - 30
  • Senator John Flanagan - 33
  • Senator Pamela Schlomann - 35
  • Senator Marta Miranda - (Not announced)

Elected: Senators Banks, Falkenberg, Flanagan, Schlomann

Committee on the Budget (four seats)

Nominees: Senator William Goodwin, Senator Richard Rink, Senator Marta Miranda, Senator Frank O'Connor, Senator John Flanagan

The vote:

  • Senator William Goodwin - 43
  • Senator Richard Rink - 30
  • Senator Marta Miranda - 36
  • Senator Frank O'Connor - 45
  • Senator John Flanagan - (Not announced)

Elected: Senators Goodwin, Rink, Miranda, O'Connor

Committee on Elections (four seats)

Nominees: Senator Peggy McGuire, Senator Sara Sutton, Senator Joyce Wolf, Senator Everett

They were elected by acclamation.

Committee on Rules (four seats)

Nominees: Senator Nancy McKenney, Senator Ruth Huebner, Senator Margaret Yoder, Senator Cedaliah Melton-Freeman

They were elected by acclamation.

Committee on Committees (four seats)

Nominees: Senator Dory Marken, Senator Susan Fister, Senator Keith Johnson, Senator Joyce Wolf

They were elected by acclamation.

Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities (three seats)

Nominees: Senator William Goodwin, Senator Marta Miranda, Senator Seth Gakpo

They were elected by acclamation.

COSFL Representatives

Nominees: Senator Virginia Falkenberg, Senator Richard Rink, Senator Sue Strong

The vote:

Senator Falkenberg - 26, elected representative
Senators Rink and Strong, alternates

Institutional Planning Committee Representative

Nominee: Senator John Flanagan

He was elected by acclamation.


Remarks on Several Issues

"There are a couple of reorganizational issues that cannot wait until fall. One is what I would call a Phase II fallout. The other is an internal matter within one particular college that needs addressing. I want to find out how the Senate feels because both actions need to be taken before the fall. Last session it was indicated that the Senate wanted to be informed if not involved about such changes. One way to deal with these matters would be to present them to special meetings of the Executive Committee of the Senate this summer.

  1. In the case of Clinical Laboratory Science and Environmental Health Sciences, they are proposing to become one department; The Departmental of Environmental Health and Clinical Laboratory Science. But you recall that in Phase II there was a third group, Medical Assisting Program, that was also going to be part of that new department. They have chosen instead to be associated with the Department of Health Education, which you also recall was to be a combined department between Health Information and Health Education. So those are the issues. In these cases, action needs to be taken; it's not something we can wait on.
  2. The second case, which is somewhat more complex, involves the restructuring of the College of Education to accommodate some changes in Model, and that will have some other effects on the College of Education. The actual proposal is fairly elaborate, but that's the essence of it. My recommendation, so that we can move forward with these changes this summer, is that I would meet with the Executive Committee to discuss these particular reorganizational issues, preferably during the next few weeks so that these units can move ahead."

Senator Huebner expressed concern that faculty from the affected departments be present at the meetings to represent their views.

Senator Marsden: "The next item concerns the Promotion and Tenure Committee. A subcommittee of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, composed of Charles Whitaker, Merita Thompson, and Pam Collins, got together and essentially took the application form and reworked it so that it is much more user-friendly. My understanding is--and I might ask Senator Thompson to respond--is that there is no substantive way in terms of the requirements. But this is a form that will look different from the previous form but will in fact be an easier form to use. I know they spent a lot of time on this--particularly Professor Whitaker--and our intent is to put this form into operation for the 2000-2001 academic year. Now I want to find out if anyone has any problems with that. I have been insured by everyone involved, including David Gayle, who chaired the General Education Committee, that the form will look different but will merely present the material in a more effective and informative manner."

Senator Thompson supported Senator Marsden's remarks as to the purpose and result of the changes.

Senator Marsden: "Our goal, at some future point, is to have one form for all promotion, tenure, and merit activities."

Senator Flanagan remarked that the new form is already on the web and can be downloaded for study.

Senator O'Connor asked, "Why we are discussing the matter if there is no substantive change?"

Senator Marsden replied that a new form might cause some faculty to assume that there are substantive changes, so getting it out with these explanations would anticipate their concerns.

Academic Affairs

"A degree proposal which was approved before my time here was a Master in Health Sciences. In order to be more consistent with our cooperating institutions, we are changing the name of the program but not one course, one requirement, or one substantive part of the program. The program will be known as Master of Public Health. This will be the name on the CPE web site. We would not want you to see a program you thought you had approved under a different name appearing under this name. This allows us to position ourselves with regard to the University of Kentucky's doctoral program. This has support from the University of Louisville as well as the University of Kentucky."

Senator Marsden presented the report of the Academic Council from its meeting on April 26, 2000.

  • Elimination of the Minor in German
  • Elimination of the Bachelors Degree in German
  • Elimination of the Bachelors Degree in German for Teachers
  • Divide the degree program in Broadcasting into two options: General Broadcasting and Broadcast News in Broadcasting
  • Department of Technology: change of the name of Construction Technology to Construction Management
  • Department of Family and Consumer Sciences: change the name of the degree program Child Care to Early Childhood Education
  • Department of Physical Education: proposed option title from General to Exercise in Sport Science; new option in degree program, Exercise and Wellness

Senator Dunston stated that her understanding is that since the change in the name of the Child Care degree is an associate degree it does not have to go before the Teacher Education Committee. She therefore wanted to know if the name change would conflict with any existing program in the College of Education.

Senator Wasicsko stated that he would have to look into the matter. And suggested that the Senate postpone action on this item until the next meeting. Senator Wasicsko moved and Senator Banks seconded the motion to postpone. Motion passed.

Senator Yoder inquired about the name of the Construction Management degree and whether it would conflict with a general understanding that such programs are based in civil engineering programs.

Senator Reynolds replied that since we do not have a civil engineering program here, this name better describes the degree, and he saw no conflict.

Chair Taylor called for the vote on all other items from the Academic Council. Motion passed.

Senator Dunston asked to make a statement before the Senate: "I bring this issue before the Senate not for discussion and not to cause confusion. Simply a move for recognition of something already done. The merit pay process at Eastern Kentucky University is not a consensus building one. It is an arduous, time-consuming, and alienating task. Faculty members submit themselves to the procedures according to the terms of the Faculty-Staff Handbook, 1998-2000, pages 51 and following. By executive directive, President Kustra has suspended merit pay indefinitely. Faculty members understand the necessity of upgrading staff salaries while making the attempt to give everyone a cost of living increase in the face of diminished financial circumstances. However, the recent budget decision, $900 across the board increase, does not conform to those provisions in the Faculty-Staff Handbook, mentioned above. I move therefore that the Faculty Senate, as representative of the interest of the faculty here at EKU, recognize that the president has suspended the terms outlined in the Faculty-Staff Handbook with reference to merit pay and that recognition become a permanent part of the record of the Faculty Senate."

Senator Marsden noted that the president has not suspended merit pay indefinitely. "My understanding of the budget process is that merit will be back in effect the next academic year. Merit documents prepared for this year will be rolled into the merit documents for next year and that the two year cycle will take effect. It is important that we understand that merit has not been suspended indefinitely."

Chair Taylor asked Senator Dunston to clarify the intent of her statement. She said it was not a motion but she did want it read into the record.


Meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

James Robert Miller
Faculty Senate Secretary

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