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Rules Committee Internal Procedures

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The Rules Committee shall review and recommend to the Senate rules of procedure for the Senate. Rules must be codified by the Committee. It is the responsibility of the Committee on Rules to distribute an updated, codified copy of the Rules to the Senate along with its annual report at the May meeting.

The committee should work to complete the charges of the committee as received from the Senate Chair in addition to addressing matters brought to the committee by constituents and other stakeholders.

The following is a suggested timeline.

In August

Elect committee chair/co-chairs and secretary and inform the Faculty Senate Chair and Secretary.  Set monthly meeting day, time, and venue for Fall and Spring and inform the Faculty Senate Chair and Secretary for posting to the Faculty Senate webpage.

In September

Receive charges from Faculty Senate Chair (from Chair’s report or from Executive Committee’s liaison to the Rules Committee). Then monthly accept additional charges as distributed.  The Committee Chair will email the website link to the current Senate Internal Procedures to the chairs of all Senate committees.

In November

The committee chair will email the committee chairs and ask for updates to each committee's internal procedures (available on the Senate website), giving a deadline of January 31 of the next calendar year.  A member of the Rules Committee will volunteer to collect updates and make changes to the Internal Procedures.

In March

Send updated Internal Procedures to the Senate Chair and Secretary for review.  Once reviewed and approved by the Senate Chair, Secretary, and Executive Committee, add updated Internal Procedures to the Agenda to be voted on by the Senate.

Before the regular meeting in May

The committee chair should prepare a year-end report to present at the regular May Faculty Senate meeting. The report should include a summary of the committee’s progress on assigned charges as well as recommendations for charges for the next year’s committee. When completed, forward report to the Senate Secretary for inclusion with the Senate agenda when distributed.

In May

The committee chair shall submit a written annual report to the Faculty Senate at the May meeting.

updated 03-06-23

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