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Minutes for February 5, 2001

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, February 5, 2001 in the South Room of the Keen Johnson Building. Senator Taylor called the fifth meeting of the academic year to order at 3:30 p.m.

The following members of the Senate were absent:

Breeden Brown Eisenberg
Elrod Hodge Marken*
Reynolds Schlomann Siegel*

*denotes prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary

Visitors to the Senate were: Harrold Blythe, Carrie Cooper, Rita Davis, Allen Engle, Gene Kleppinger, Ritchie Rednour, Jennifer Rogers (The Eastern Progress), and Elizabeth Wachtel


The December 4, 2000 minutes were approved with no corrections.


Dr. Kustra announced that CPE has agreed for Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University to establish the same set of benchmark institutions. Eighteen out of nineteen universities have been selected, with at least eight or nine of those chosen being new Benchmark institutions for Eastern Kentucky University.

Dr. Kustra gave a handout to the Faculty Senate members listing members of the new Strategic Planning and Budgeting Council. He reported that the committee would meet for the first time on Wednesday, February 7 at 3:30 p.m. This committee has been totally restructured from the original council from past years and will be focusing primarily on planning for the next ten to twenty years for the university in relation to the projected goals set forth by the Council on Postsecondary Education.

Dr. Kustra indicated that we need to find ways to better accommodate adult learners in Eastern Kentucky which may mean redefining the nature of the commitment and the mission we make to Eastern Kentucky.

On the flipside of the handout distributed by Dr. Kustra, the names of the Fitness Center Committee members were listed. There is $7 million dollars of capital funding available for the first phase of the Fitness Center, and it is hoped that the rest of the funding will be found in the biennium which could mean that a year from this July the money may have been identified to build this facility. This committee will look at such issues as where to place this facility, what will be in it and how it will accommodate the needs of our students, faculty and staff.


Senator Taylor announced that two new ad hoc committees for the Senate have been appointed: The Ad Hoc Committee to Establish University Policy for Salary Inequities (Mitch Lifland, Keith Johnson, Tom Watkins, Tom Fisher, Anissa Al-Khatab, Greg Mitchell, Jean Lloyd, Pam Collins, with Danny Britt as chair) and The Ad Hoc Committee to review the Faculty and Staff Handbook for inconsistencies (Steve Fardo, Barbara Szubinska, Steven Konkel, Kim Naugle, James Anderson and Ruth Huebner, who will probably chair the committee).

Senator Taylor gave a report on past motions approved by the Faculty Senate:

  • Ad Hoc Compensation Committee and Ad Hoc Benefits Committee. The creation of these ad hoc committees has been temporarily postponed until a new Human Resources Director has been hired. The committee should be appointed next month with a recommended reporting date for the fall semester.
  • Tenure Faculty Member Review Policy. Dr. Marsden recently notified all chairs to implement the tenure faculty member review policy which was passed by the Faculty Senate; and he will forward the motion to the Faculty and Staff Handbook Committee for inclusion in the next handbook update.
  • Domestic Partners Benefit Policy. Some administrators have concerns regarding the cost of the Domestic Partners Benefit. Dr. Kustra has indicated that the University will be meeting with Anthem in April to discuss implementing this issue.
  • Proposal to Change the Evaluation Section of the Faculty Handbook. In September the Senate recommended re-wording the Faculty Handbook to clarify the Vice President of Academic Affairs evaluation section in the Faculty Handbook which should read as follows: "Chairs, deans and other academic support administrators working directly with the Vice President as well as all faculty would be given the opportunity to complete a questionnaire and shall be transmitted to the President." The deans evaluation section should read as follows: "Academic support administrators who work directly with as well as all college faculty and college chairs will have the opportunity to complete a similar questionnaire." Dr. Rita Davis has indicated that the Faculty Handbook Committee will be convening within the next 30 days and will be discussing the Senate's proposal at that meeting.
  • EKU Degree for Accomplished Professionals. This policy has already been successfully implemented.
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Establishing a Lecturer/Part Time Lecturer Position. This committee will meet for the first time this month.
  • Motion on Teaching Evaluation. Senator Taylor contacted Tom Watkins, Chair of the Improvement in Instruction Committee and submitted the Senate's request that this committee review the current practices for evaluation of teaching at EKU and to recommend ways to properly contextualize quantitative evaluation and ways in which we may enhance the qualitative evaluation of teaching.
  • Shared Faculty Positions Proposal. The proposal has been passed by the Board of Regents. The Senate proposal was modified by the Board to change the timeframe from "temporary" status to "either one, two, or three years". One other issue addressed concerned shared benefits. If a part time faculty member were hired to share in this type of position, it should be understood that there would be no shared benefits for the part time faculty member. To do otherwise would not be fair to our other part time faculty and would be too costly for the university. Also, please note that the full time faculty member requesting a shared position will receive his or her benefits prorated and may purchase addition university benefits.
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Promotion and Tenure Procedures. This committee has met twice so far. Nothing yet to report.
  • Establishment of an Ombudsmen. The Faculty Senate has charged the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee with the task of gathering information on establishing an ombudsmen for the faculty. The Senate awaits this committee's report.

Senator Taylor mentioned that suggestions and ideas for the University Strategic Planning Committee to consider should be given to either Senator John Flannagan or Senator Taylor.


Retirement Transition Policy. Before the Senate began deliberations on the proposed policy, Senator Marsden clarified that while some departments consider nine hours as a standard load, twelve hours is the defined load to participate in the retirement program. He further indicated that if the Senate passes the proposal and if the Board receives the recommendation in time for their March meeting, the program could conceivably be placed into effect for the 2001-2002 academic year.

Senator Freed made a motion, which was seconded by Senator Lifland to amend the proposed policy from a mandatory two year plan to a mandatory three years. Senator Freed then amended the amendment with the approval of Senator Lifland to be one year renewable up a time up to a maximum of three years. Senator Goodwin requested to amend the amendment to a mandatory two years with the option of an additional year, if the department consents and the faculty member desires. Senator Freed and Senator Lifland agreed to the amendment. The amendment was passed by the Faculty Senate with a 28 to 25 vote. The amended retirement transition proposal was then passed by the Faculty Senate.

Replacement on the Executive Committee. Senator Harley nominated Senator Schuster to take his place on the Executive Committee for the remainder of the year. The Faculty Senate approved Senator Schuster's nomination.


Enrollment Management Report. Senator Marsden distributed copies of the Enrollment Management Report which takes a look at the past history, present conditions and future prospects of enrollment management.

Teaching and Learning Center Report. Dr. Harold Blythe was present to report on the activities coordinated by the center during the fall semester. Following is a brief listing:

  • Served seven faculty clients in the Teaching Consultation Process (TCP)
  • Gene Kleppinger from Instructional Technology ran 26 workshops
  • Media Resources provided services with four faculty members (Fred Kolloff, Larry Bobbert, George, Pfotenhauer, and Matt Crum) on an alternating basis who provided expertise to approximately 20 clients.
  • Kari Lyons and Carri Cooper with the Library have established an effective collaboration through one-on-one service to client referrals and established a collection of materials keyed to TLC issues and linked it to the Center's website for quick reference.
  • Dr. Sherry Robinson and Barbara Szubinska with the Writing Center have provided a place where teachers can send students for extra help with writing and research.
  • Eleven forums were sponsored by the Center during the fall semester.
  • In November the Center sponsored 21 faculty to attend the National Lilly Conference on College Teaching in Oxford, OH

Dr. Blythe encouraged faculty to take advantage of the services provided by the Teaching and Learning Center.

Tentative University Calendar: Senator Marsden distributed a tentative university calendar for 2001-2003. He requested that anyone with concerns about any dates listed should e-mail him or Dr. Rita Davis before February 9. He further stated that one thing that may alter this schedule slightly is if the Academic Assessment Day, which is being proposed by the Student Development Association, is approved. The schedule would then have to be altered to accommodate that day.

Council on Academic Affairs. Senator Marsden made a motion to approve the following curriculum materials:

COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES Biological Sciences

  • Program Suspension - Microbiology (B.S.)
  • Program Revision - Biology (BS) English
  • Program Revision - Speech and Theatre Arts/Teaching (B.A.)

Foreign Languages and Humanities

  • Certificate Revision - Spanish Conversation and Culture


  • Program Revision - Music (B.M.)
  • Program Suspension - Music (BA)
  • Program Suspension - Music (B.M.E.)


  • Minor Revision - Construction Management
  • Program Revision - Manufacturing Technology, Master of Science
  • Program Revision - Industrial Education, Master of Science

Administration, Counseling and Educational Studies

  • Departmental Name Change: Counseling & Educational Leadership

Health Promotion and Administration

  • Department Change: Health Care Administration

Criminal Justice and Police Studies

  • Degree Name Change: Police Administration
  • New Minor: Criminal Justice

Loss Prevention and Safety

  • Program Suspension - Insurance Studies, B.B.A.

The motion to approve the curriculum items as a group was passed by the Faculty Senate.

Discussion on Merit. Senator Taylor asked the Senate to discuss the option of having merit figured from a percentage basis or a unit value system.

Senator Freed moved to create an ad hoc committee to discuss this issue. This motion was approved by the Senate.

Report from the Faculty Regent. Senator Thompson reported that the board met on January 27. All recommendations were approved regarding recent faculty and staff employment, sabbatical leave for next year, and the change in curricula and programs that came through the Senate.

The Board also approved a proposal by from the College of Justice and Safety to offer EKU credit at the in-state tuition rate for the Federal Bureau of Prison's Academy Training.

The proposed policy on the Domestic Partners Policy was postponed until the health insurance administration package is proposed in April.

The proposed change in the Faculty/Staff Sick Leave Policy was postponed until a later date.

The Board elected new officers. Mr. Fred Rice was elected to serve as chair of the Board and as such he will also chair the Executive and Academic Affairs Committee. Dr. Daisy French was elected Vice Chair, and she will automatically chair the Financial Affairs Committee. Mr. Gary Abney was elected secretary and was appointed to chair the Institutional Advancement Committee. Mr. Rice appointed Ernie House to chair the Committee on Student Life and Athletics and Merita Thompson was appointed to chair the Committee on Internal Affairs.

Senator Thompson reported that the Board will hold a special meeting on March 1. Two primary items for discussion will be the Retirement Transition Program and the budget for the next year.

Report from the Student Government: Ritchie Rednour reported that the Student Government Association created an Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Affairs last semester. One of the items that may come forward from this committee is an ethnic studies minor. Another issue the committee is considering is diversity and sensitivity training for both students and faculty.

The Counsel of Student Affairs recently passed a new Class Withdrawal Policy to be forthcoming. This policy would give students an opportunity to know how they are doing in their classes before they have to make the decision of whether to withdraw or not.

The Student Court now has the realm of responsibility for the Parking Appeals Committee. Mr. Rednour asked the Senate members to encourage the faculty representatives on that committee to attend the meetings.

Mr. Rednour reported that the joint Ad Hoc Committee on Fraternization has not met yet.


Foundation Professors. Dr. Kustra announced that Bill Farrar and Max Rabiee have been selected as Foundation Professors for the coming year.

Minutes from Board of Regents 11-3-62 Meeting. Senator Marsden passed around a copy of the Board of Regents minutes from November 3, 1962. The reason for doing so was for the Senate members to view and be aware of the responsibilities originally assigned to various committees, as this will probably be a discussion for the future.


Committee on Rules. Senator Yoder stated that the Committee on Rules requests that the Faculty Senate adopt the following motion to recommend the following additions to the Faculty Handbook.

Amend Part VII, Organization of the Faculty of Eastern Kentucky University, Section VII (The Faculty Senate) A.4.a. (Policy Function). Add the following statement at Point #5:
The Faculty Senate in conjunction with appropriate administrators shall receive, review and make recommendations concerning university restructuring/ reorganization proposals, such as the addition or elimination of a college, department, center/institute or other academic unit. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate is the vehicle for placing such restructuring/reorganization proposals on the agenda of the Faculty Senate.

This motion was approved by the Faculty Senate.

Senator Yoder made a motion to adopt the following change to the Faculty Handbook:

Amend Part VII, Organization of the Faculty of Eastern Kentucky University, Section VII E. (Executive Committee) 1.b. Add this statement:
"Once a motion is acted upon by the Faculty Senate, the President acting on behalf of the University shall be requested to inform the Faculty Senate of the disposition of the motion within three months."

This motion was approved by the Faculty Senate.

Committee on Elections. Senator McAdams asked the Senate members to let their colleges know that they will be receiving an e-mail with a nomination form attached to nominate an individual to serve as a Faculty representative on the Board of Regents. All nominations must be received by March 5th.


Senator Marsden moved to adjourn the meeting at approximately 5:30 p.m.

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