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Minutes for November 10, 2008

The Faculty Senate of Eastern Kentucky University met on Monday, November 10, 2008, in the South Room of the Keen Johnson Building. Senator Ware called the third meeting of the academic year to order at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The following members of the Senate were absent:

A. Back A. Chapman D. Deaton
K. Halcomb T. Hartch* M. Hesse*
K. Kean M. Kolloff*^ T. Randles
B. Wesley    

*Indicates prior notification of absence to the Faculty Senate Secretary
^ALT D. Porter attended for M. Kolloff

Visitors to the Senate: Corey Bray, Athletics; Sue Cain, Transition & University Services; Lindsey Cross, SGA; Jim Conneely, Student Affairs; Tina Davis, Registrar; Dave Eakin, Biology; Linda Frost, Honors Program; Gary Kuhnhenn, Enrollment Management; Deborah Newsom, Financial Affairs; Sherry Robinson, Academic Affairs; Benton Shirey, Advising & Retention; John Wade, Arts & Sciences; and Marc Whitt, Public Relations & Marketing

Senator Ware announced that Senator Taylor will fill in as Parliamentarian for today's meeting.

Senator Ware requested that anyone speaking at the podium should turn cell phones completely off because of static interference with the microphone.

Senator Rainey distributed a flyer on a QEP-initiative CACTUS class offered for Spring entitled "Is it Time to Change the Drinking Age." She encouraged the senators to share the information with faculty and students.

The October 6, 2008 minutes were approved as written.


Senator Whitlock reported that the Policy on Policies will be implemented on an interim basis; he sees this as a further institutionalization of shared governance.

The Sponsored Programs policies which the Senate approved will go before the Board of Regents in January.

As preliminary talk has already begun around campus, Senator Whitlock encouraged faculty to start a conversation on whether or not a sixteen-week semester should be considered.

While not finalized, the University will probably move toward a twelve-week summer session to provide more flexibility in terms of course offerings for students and faculty.

Senator Whitlock's trip to Japan was both enjoyable and successful. While there he visited Rikkyo University, which currently partners with fourteen private liberal arts colleges and universities in this country. Currently Rikkyo University does not have a partnership with a comprehensive university and this may provide an opportunity for EKU to form a partnership with them.

While in Tokyo, Senator Whitlock attended an alumni meeting with approximately 40 Eastern graduates.

While in Kofu, Senator Whitlock renewed the second ten-year renewal exchange agreement with the University of Yamanashi.

Senator Whitlock was surprised and pleased at the number of people who read the blog he posted during his trip.

Senator Whitlock encouraged everyone to review the new test version of the EKU homepage and to share comments and suggestions. The new website will be emphasizing the use of social networks as a way to get students more engaged in campus life and campus activities.

Drs. Piercey and Conneely have been meeting regularly with the Enrollment Management team to determine how the Enrollment Management area should be structured.

State financing is looking uncertain, and projections are running about $300 million behind for the current year's budget. The Governor is expected to release a plan in early December to address the shortfall. While EKU's budget was developed for this year with some safeguards in place to help offset another cut, the tuition income is lower than originally estimated.

Governor Brashear has established a Work Group on Higher Education which is divided into two sub-committees. The first sub-committee will be looking at ways to enhance the affordability of higher education on the campuses in Kentucky and that report is due on January 15th. The other sub-committee's primary function is stability of state funding to the campuses and stability from the standpoint of tuition for students, and that report is due by September 15th 2009.

EKU's new Strategic Planning and Budgeting model will be announced soon. Senator Whitlock's primary objective with the new model is to have a solid link between planning and budgeting and to have a high degree of transparency in both processes.

The Board of Regents will be having a retreat next month, and one of the main discussion topics will be the presidential evaluation to be held during spring semester. Senator Whitlock has insisted that there will be significant and substantive faculty, staff, and student participation in the evaluation process.


Dead Week Policy. Ms. Lindsey Cross was in attendance to give a brief history of the proposed dead week policy. As the discussion unfolded, it became apparent that the senators did not have the most recent version. Senator Johnson moved to postpone the vote on the policy until December until the senators reviewed the most recent update, seconded by Senator Schmelzer. Motion carried.

Senator Robles requested that Ms. Cross forward the most recent draft which was approved by the Student Senate to the secretary for immediate distribution to the senators.

Ms. Cross asked that any comments or questions about the policy should be e-mailed to her at She also indicated that while she would immediately send the requested update to the secretary, there will be another revision submitted later which will address the Senate's comments from today's meeting.

Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations on Early Registration Policy. Senator Wilson moved to approve the following statements, seconded by Senator Wray. Motion carried.
[attachments shared at meeting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

  • The Senate is not in favor of the policy draft as currently written and were in support of the Ad Hoc Committee's recommendations and addendums being included in the draft before discussion on an actual vote of the policy.
  • The Senate approves a resolution of support for a revised Early Registration for Designated Populations policy incorporating the "Recommendation Regarding Early Registration Policy and Rationale" outlined by the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Early Registration in its memorandum dated November 10, 2008, together with an Addendum incorporating recommendations from the November 10 Faculty Senate meeting. Said addendum will include recommendations supported by the senate as follows:
    1. Senator Lowry suggested that priority registration be assigned by standing. For example, a Sophomore from a Designated Population could register ahead of other Sophomores, but not ahead of Juniors or Seniors
    2. Senator Richardson recommended that each designation population (Students with Disabilities, Student Athletes, Honors, etc.) should be considered individually for possible inclusion in the Early Registration for Designated Populations proposal.
    3. Senator Johnson requested that the ad hoc committee's suggestion to create a university-level committee should be developed now and presented along with the actual policy rather than waiting until the need arises to establish the committee structure; and that the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Early Registration be given due consideration to address the needs of students with significant family care and support responsibilities.

Senator Ware announced that if any other senators have an issue that is critically important which should be included in the addendum, please send it to Steffen Wilson, chair of the Ad Hoc Committee within the next week.

Ad Hoc Committee Report on Syllabus Policy. Dr. Janna Vice reported that the committee met and had a very productive and effective meeting. The revised policy will be presented to the Executive Committee at the November meeting and to the Senate at the December meeting.


Report from Council on Academic Affairs - Dr. Janna Vice presented the following materials at the request of Senator Piercey.

  1. Subsequent Degree Requirements
  2. Undergraduate & Graduate Course Load
  3. Latin Honors
  4. Academic Standings
  5. Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
  6. Coursework Transfer After Dismissal
  7. Declaring a Major

Senator Resor moved approval of item #1 (subsequent degree requirements), seconded by Senator Pruitt. Motion #1 carried.

Senator Resor moved approval of item #2 (undergraduate & graduate course load), seconded by Senator Frisbie. Motion failed for lack of support.

Senator Frisbie moved approval of #3 (Latin Honors), seconded by Senator Foote. Motion carried. Senator Kristofik asked to be on record as voting against the motion.

Senator Collins moved approval of item #4 (academic standings), seconded by Senator Ciocca. Motion carried.

Senator May moved approval of item #5 (baccalaureate degree requirements), seconded by Senator Johnson. Motion carried.

Senator Pressley moved approval of item #6 (coursework transfer after dismissal), seconded by Senator Resor. Motion carried.

Senator Pressley moved approval of item #7 (declaring a major), seconded by Senator Pruitt. Motion carried.

Senator Flanagan moved to extend the meeting beyond 5:30pm, seconded by Senator Taylor. Motion carried.

The Executive Committee met on October 20. Lindsey Cross, Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association, brought the revised Dead Week draft policy before the Committee for discussion and comment.

Representatives from the Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Early Registration, Services for Students with Disabilities Services, and Athletics met with the Committee to discuss the proposed Early Registration draft policy.

Dr. Sherry Robinson provided an update on policies under review. Legal issues relating to the promotion and tenure policy need to be reviewed and addressed, and a work group consisting of Paula Kristofik, Tom Otieno, and James Wells has been assembled to consider these issues. The Chairs Association plans to review the policy on non-tenure review, and Dr. Robinson hopes to coordinate the work of the two groups on both policies related to promotion and tenure.

Senator John Taylor updated the Executive Committee on the status of the Ad Hoc Committee on creating an EKU community college. A statute that would have allowed EKU to have a community college has expired, and the committee will pursue other options available to the university.

On October 21, the Teaching and Learning Center and EKU AAUP chapter will jointly host a panel presentation entitled, "Shared Governance: What Does it Mean for EKU Faculty?" It is hoped that this discussion will be part of the ongoing dialogue on shared governance that the Faculty Senate Faculty Welfare Committee has presented.


Senator Frisbie reported that the Regents will meet for a retreat on December 4th. The next regular meeting will be in January.


Senator McKenney reported that the next COSFL meeting will probably be held at EKU in December. She will inform everyone of the date and time when that information becomes available.

PROVOST REPORT: Senator Piercey

Senator Piercey shared the following in his written report to the Senate.

The following items represent draft policies currently in the review process:

  • Policy 4.1.12 (First-time Freshmen Admissions) was approved by the Board of Regents at their September meeting and was reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate in September. No additional update.
  • Policy 4.1.2 (Course Syllabi) is still under review by a work group of the Faculty Senate. No additional update
  • Policy 4.6.1 (Determination of Qualifications for Faculty Teaching Credit-Bearing Courses) has been reviewed by the Provost Council. The policy has been submitted to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and a small work group has reviewed Policy Definitions. In addition, The Faculty Senate passed a resolution of support at the October meeting. The policy will be submitted to the Provost Council at the November meeting.
  • Policy 4.3.4 (Joint Curricular, Collaborative, and Consortial Agreements) has not been worked on since the last report to the Faculty Senate.
  • Policy 1.1.1 (Policy on Policies) continues to be discussed and revised.
  • Early Registration for Designated Populations ­ this regulation has been reviewed by the Provost Council, which recommended that it be reviewed by the Council on Academic Affairs and the Faculty Senate and returned to the Provost Council by December 1. The regulation has been approved by the University Athletics Committee, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the Assistant Director for the Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities, the Student Rights Committee, and the Student Senate.

    The Council on Academic Affairs reviewed the regulation in October and will continue discussion in November. The Faculty Senate Chair appointed an ad hoc committee that reviewed the regulation and made recommendations.
  • Policies 4.4.3 ­ 4.4.10 have been forwarded to the President with recommendations for adoption. In October, the Faculty Senate passed resolutions of support for all eight policies. Dissenting recommendations accompanied Policy 4.4.8 and 4.4.10. The policies were submitted to the Deans' Council in October. The Deans have supported the policies, with one recommended change in Policy 4.4.10.

Thirty-one Students from the EKU Honors Program participated in the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in San Antonio, Texas. At the same conference, Ray Arnold, president of the Honors Student Advisory Council, received news that he would be this year's EKU nominee for an internship in Washington, D.C. with Congressman Chandler's office.

Any faculty interested in teaching a junior level honors course for next year should contact Director Linda Frost for more information.

In the Enrollment Management area, two successful Spotlights have taken place, and two more are scheduled for this fall on November 15th and December 6th. In addition, 10 of 13 student receptions scheduled for this fall have been completed with an overall good response. While it is early in the process, applications and admits are up 2.4% and 3.0%, compared to the same time last year.

EKU has submitted its 2007-2008 Accountability Report to the CPE, which included significant accomplishments and initiatives regarding preparation, affordability, access and success, quality, and engagement to advance the objectives of the Public Agenda. On October 24th, Eastern hosted Dr. Mike Seelig, (CPE's Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs) and his staff to meet with EKU Academic Affairs staff to develop a strong working relationship and to discuss concerns and future initiatives.

Institutional Effectiveness has been working collaboratively to go live on EKU's Profile Information for the VSA initiative (the AASCU/NASULGC Voluntary System of Accountability Project). The Voluntary System of Accountability is designed to improve public understanding of how public colleges and universities operate. VSA's College Portrait seeks to provide consistent, comparable and transparent information on the characteristics of institutions and students, cost of attendance, student engagement with the learning process, and core educational outcomes.

A database has been developed for CAT critical-thinking tests that were administered to freshmen at the beginning of the Fall 2008 semester. General demographic information from the CAT tests is currently being entered into the database for future analysis.

A faculty survey was developed and will be sent out in mid-November for the purpose of gaining information about involvement and needs in building skills related to critical and creative thinking and communication.

Senator Piercey congratulated Dr. Sue Cain who will be taking a six month leave of absence to assist the Council on Postsecondary Education on their developmental needs.


Rules Committee. In her written report to the Senate Senator McKenney shared the following:

The committee met on October 27 to discuss the year's charges which include:

  1. making recommendations as to the need for a new Senate Standing Committee on Academics and Advising
  2. reviewing Faculty Senate rules and recommending any needed changes no later than February 16, 2009.

The Committee divided up a list of Eastern's benchmarks and also Kentucky's regional universities. Members will investigate whether these institutions have senate committees dealing with academics and advising and if so, what kind of structure and mission these committees have.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 24 at 3:30 p.m.

Rights & Responsibilities Committee. Senator Noblitt reported that the committee is working with Dr. Sherry Robinson on the Policy on Policies.

Committee on Committees. Senator Staddon reported that he was elected as chair of the committee.

Welfare Committee. Senator Foote reported that last month the committee sent out a survey on shared governance and asked the senators to share it with their colleagues. The committee is now in the process of reviewing the data collected and will report on the findings soon.

Ad Hoc Committee Report on EKU Community College. Senator Taylor reported that the committee met today for an informational meeting with Dr. Jack Luy, former Director of the Richmond Community College. Next month they plan to meet with Dr. Ken Clawson, dean of EKU's former community college.


The topic of discussion was: "How many adjuncts should a department be able to have?"

Due to time constraints, the discussion was postponed until later.


Senator Piercey moved to adjourn at approximately 5:45 p.m.

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